Genesis of  an Observatory – how it all began.

Well I suppose it all started with my purchasing a small gift for myself on my 61st birthday… a bit late in the day one may argue but as an early convert to the wonders of science I thought that for the miserly sum of  70Eu a glimpse of the universe provided by the little refractor offered locally by Lidl would fill a gap that had long been overdue.

I was immediately hooked! The view of the moon’s surface, live as it where, was stunning as were the rings of Saturn and what really clinched it were the tiny but sharply defined Galilean moons scattered around Jupiter’s waist. I am sure that all of you who have sampled these early treats must have felt thrilled in the same way and likewise shared  the frustration of trying to keep the objects of interest in focus and inside the field of view against the relentless spin of the Earth on its axis. This was all the more so when the very modest tripod and rather crude axis controls added to poor polar alignment made it feel like trying to stay in saddle on a nervous stallion.

I decided then, very early on, that I needed to have a permanently fixed and aligned scope and with this came the desire to upgrade the telescope to something more powerful and even more importantly a tracking mount that would steady the saddle and steer the steed.

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