The flat bar rail

Next a full length of flat bar was given a curve using the bending jig. Handling a curving 6 meter long flat bar on my own proved a rather daunting task and called for a lot of (often comical) improvisations.
The iron snake seemed to have a mind of its own and was not going to give in without a fight!

The 6 meter long flat bar was grazing the ceiling and had to be squashed a little into an oval!

The full 6 meter long flat bar fell short by a little bit from completing the whole circuit and had to be lengthened by a small stretch which was later carefully welded at both ends and filed down to provide as smooth a transition as possible.

The rail in place and wedged into the channel.
A small piece of flat bar had to be added to complete the ring

The completed ring was then wedged well into the routed channel and held in place by several anchoring low-profile clips designed for the purpose and arrayed all around the ring.

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