The Plans …

Roughly scaled prototype diagrams to assist design

Various plans were considered and one of the earliest was that of a geodesic dome. Some models were tried out.

While this looked like providing a reliable way of producing a spherical structure, its construction in metal was thought to require a large number of joints and  also its rigidity would be further compromised by the need for opening up the window apertures required. For a while I pondered on using wood or fiberglass but I am more at home with steel and somehow I find it easier to manage. 

2014-03-04 12.01.58

Finally it was decided to build a dome made up of 16 vertical sectors made from galvanized steel sheeting.

I was still unsure as to the best way to support these segments internally and this is where I found the ideas and descriptions of other enthusiasts  like John invaluable.  But the final decision had to wait until the project was already well underway. After all, a lot needed to be done and materials assembled before it became necessary.

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