July 2014

I gave the dome a break while I ordered some more wood and I  turned my attention to the square chamber that would be the ‘room’ section of the observatory on which the dome would rotate. Until then this had only its roof frame finished, that had been doubling up as a support for the circular wooden beams during their design and construction.

The chamber would need to have a low roof and a low door to allow for the telescope to peep over the sides at a reasonable height for the observer.


I decided to make the frame for the  ‘room’ out of bolted steel sections in such a way as to make it possible to disassemble it and  rebuild it at its final site, on the roof. This frame would then be covered by panels of marine plywood.

So first, a few brackets, to hold the thing together… 

The frame of  the chamber, apart from the roof  was made out of sections of 5 cm square hollow galvanized steel. These were cut and butt jointed to each other using the angle brackets and 8mm nuts and bolts.

The side wall frames and the back were identical but the front frame had to leave a  gap for the door frame. The result can be seen in the following photos.

Front view of ‘room’ frame assembled and waiting for door to be fitted


When the chamber frame was finished the door frame made out of  2cm square hollow section was fitted and attached to hinges welded to the left of the entrance. A recycled spring lock was bolted to a plate welded to the inside of the door frame and the accompanying handle and key tried out… secure at last 🙂 ! Come on in .








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