March 7th 2015

On a cold wintry morning  in March…

..the time had come and the Dome took to the air. My apprehensions until that time included…

will it get out of the garage door?


It did ..with cms to spare.

will it survive the strapping and the lifting? A year of work at the end of a cable…

… three… two… one…



will it reach the roof, past the overhanging cables and clear the roof perimeter wall?

It did!

And next came the chamber room roof frame. The corners had been detached and carried  separately and were already treated and waiting in store to be permanently mounted and sealed. The temporary angle iron legs that had served as supports during construction were left bolted in place a while longer.

Chamber roof frame waiting to be hoisted up

It cradled its way up and joined its future payload side by side on the roof floor. The legs were then detached and used to isolate the frame from the floor to allow rain water to flow while it lay there. The dome itself rested on its steel rail and the canopy and front window were installed to complete the covering.


and after a year of dodging over, under and around  obstructions  the workshop looked so empty that I couldn’t believe it!

The garage/workshop breaths again

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