Meanwhile back on the roof…

Services had naturally to be provided to the site where the observatory was going to be and for this reason external waterproof plastic ducting was used. This had to carry in it mains and networking cable from the house. It was originally planned to run the whole thing from my diy solar station and infact it could but I prefer to use the house mains supply for the day-to-day running of it and leave solar as an emergency backup. This is mainly because with the dehumidifier and infrared heater on it would draw heavily on the inverter and exhaust the battery bank in a short time. So I aligned the two supply sockets next to each other in my “Tesla shrine” and can easily switch supply. The whole dome at maximum power with heaters blazing draws a maximum of under 1kW and so can be handled off a single 13A fused (220v) plug. I added power meters on the two sockets to measure consumption and a web cam was rigged up to allow remote monitoring of the whole set up. Further to this at a much later stage a low power short range vhf link was established from the “shrine” to the observatory to relay telemetry to the IOT via a receiver inside linked to wifi… but more details about that later.

Video shows two consumption meters, network hub supplying the Dome and small flashing green led mounted on the VHF telemetry transmitter.

Video above from 2010 shows my alternative energy setup…still going to date. This was dedicated to that colossus of electricity Nikola Tesla without whose genius and brilliant eccentricity we would still be in the stone age! The music was composed by my daughter Janet Gauci an accomplished musician and teacher.

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