A base on the rooftop

A concrete 2.2m square platform was constructed at the site chosen for the observatory and because of the fact that the roof  has a gradient designed to drain the rainwater  the platform had to have corners at different heights above ground for its surface to be horizontal. Steel screed was used for reinforcement with another netting  layer added in the middle to  further strengthen  the base of the concrete pillar that would form part of the pier. Four rebar rods were drilled into the roof itself  to tie down the future pillar to below the level of the platform. 

A U-shaped length of 25 mm PVC conduit was routed from the center of the platform to the front left hand corner where the main control switchboard was planned to be. In retrospect I regretted not using a wider tube because of the amount of cabling that needed routing and to make future alterations and repairs easier to perform.


2015-03-07 11.00.08

While the concrete was curing I painted the chamber frame and when the base was solid I assembled it on top and covered it all with some outdoor fabric to protect the wooden doughnut beam on the roof of the frame.



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