July 2015 – Raising the dome

Some finishing touches were applied while waiting for the roof to be lifted in place. The brackets that had been made to anchor the chamber to the concrete were installed and bolted with stainless steel bolts using a damp proof insulating tab underneath each one to discourage corrosion. The chamber was now declared hurricane resistant :). 

The brass drains at the four points of the roof, as seen in the above picture were sealed around with silicone paste. 

It had been more than a year since the beginning of the project and the time had come for the final push…more of a lift in fact. Surprisingly three strong lads with a token help from myself managed it with relative ease. 

To my greatest relief it turned! It required  minimal effort and showed only a slight  eccentricity, meaning one or two of the eight castors did not touch the rail all the way! This could probably be improved by wedging the castors but seeing as eight castors was a bit of an overkill anyway I was content to let it be since it did neither effect the movement nor the stability of the dome.

2015-07-14 16.53.15

First view of the sky!


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