Pillar harness

Having completed and installed the main control panel, the attention shifted to the telescope mount and pillar.

It was thought best to design some sort of harness that would allow a separate panel to be mounted on the central pillar and some way to contain the excess wiring that would ensue as a result of the several connections that would be required to link up the telescope and its accessories to the periphery.

This is what I came up with…

It is simply two 20 cm diameter circular clips made from 20 x 3 mm flat bar held longitudinally apart by a length of of steel bar of the same type and supporting on either side two sections of steel pipe. These would serve to take up extra cabling and hopefully limit looping and snagging. Two horizontal lengths of flat bar were welded to the top and bottom of the vertical splint changing this face (that would be the front of the harness) into a wide “H” lying on its side. The size of this and the holes drilled in the horizontal flat bars were designed to match an all-weather plastic junction box that I had bought and that was to serve as the pier console.

2015-08-15 14.23.56
Pier with clip harness installed and cabling temporarily stored in side ‘holster'(front view)


20171207_123221This is a recent photo of the pier console mounted with all the gear. Still some clutter(!)  but it serves its purpose.

The multiple 220v extension below the console, when in use, serves to power the  4-channel USB hub on top and the 13.5v stabilized CCD camera supply seen at the back on the left side as well as the adaptor supplying the filter wheel.

The console itself provides a 12V car lighter socket for the AVX mount and two 5 volt outlets. It  has a 12V indicator lamp and a special power socket for use with the home-made “light box” I use for flats. This is linked to the remotely controlled light-dimmer that doubles up as a strip-light controller. It allows for control of the light intensity when calibrating flats. 

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