First come.. first served

The furniture at this stage was rather spartan. My old desktop PC was conscripted for astronomy duties and rigged up. A fresh format of its hard discs and a new version of Windows was installed ridding it of years of accumulated digital debris. The relevant astronomy software was installed that included a new full version of Backyard EOS that would serve a my link to the Canon 40D that would replace my objective lens. 

My “well oiled” chair from the workshop was recruited along with an old plastic computer desk missing various parts of its anatomy and that had in its lifetime carried several Z80 (anyone remembers that beauty?) payloads.

First light was approaching for the new observatory and it was only fair and just that the first to grace the place of honor on the finished pillar should be the humble Lidl Bresser Skylux EL refractor that had introduced me to the madness. And it filled the place with pride…

2015-08-21 19.56.43

…Red Light Zone

First light approaching for the new Dome the red lights were tried out …


and the Dome turned towards Polaris.


2015-08-21 21.12.47
Aligning to Polaris

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