August 21st 2015 – FIRST LIGHT

So it was now a year and four months since the time the hardware first reached my garage and finally the Celestron 8″ Schmidt-Cassegrain sat on the AVX and was wired up. The motors whirred as it turned to search and follow possibly everyone’s most favourite planet.

2015-08-21 20.32.42
Marie Therese peeks through the objective


It was only natural that Marie Therese, my better half, destined to live a life besides a resigned eccentric , should share in the experience and be the guest of honor for first light.

The optical setup was still rather barefoot and I believe I had actually taken this photo from a mobile phone camera by holding it against the objective (so NASA please hang on to your Hubble just yet) but there it flew surrounded by its rings of glory…

What a change from having to do all the alignments every time avoiding power leads and cables and the everpresent strutting tripod legs… and then track manually with barely a pinkie left to operate the shutter! It was then I realised what a real upgrade an observatory even of very modest size really is!

2015-09-04 00.58.34
An August waning moon smiles at us on First Light

But now… enough of this. The show is far from over!!!

Hang up the laurels and don the thinking cap.

Roll up the sleeves… there’s work to be don..

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